Announcing the acquisition of Accelerated Talent - Future Leadership

Announcing the acquisition of Accelerated Talent

Announcement: Future Leadership is pleased to announce the successful acquisition of Accelerated Talent (AT), a disruptive new player in the short-term consulting market. 

The strategic acquisition marks a significant milestone in Future Leadership’s growth strategy as it doubles down on new ways to deliver organisations agile access to critical capabilities across all sectors.

Future Leadership has a 20-year legacy of delivering exceptional talent solutions to its clients and continuously expanding its suite of products. The company comprises three business arms that service the leadership lifecycle. The niche capability ecosystem brings together: Fisher Leadership, Board and Executive Search; CLA, leadership learning and development; and Gig Executive, on demand executives to help organisations keep up with the pace of change. Accelerated Talent will slot seamlessly into the Gig Executive business.

The acquisition of Acccelerated Talent aligns perfectly with the overarching Future Leadership vision. The AT business delivers and enables leadership, delivery and project management back into the hands of the client. Designed for corporate and consulting organisations requiring short-term capability to supercharge project capacity, the Accelerated Talent model provides a virtual talent bench enabling clients to scale and deliver rapidly. The talent pool represents all levels of consulting and specialist capabilities.

With the acquisition, Future Leadership welcomes a ready talent pool of high-quality consultants with ex-McKinsey, Bain, and big four consulting pedigree. The talent pool ranges from senior analysts, consultants, and senior managers across the disciplines of strategy, transformation, finance, M&A, and transactional delivery including I&S activities with 5-10 years experience. Once a client request is made, Accelerated Talent assembles the necessary individual or tiger team within days to support clients to flex up and down at highly competitive prices. While consulting houses have costly and cumbersome large-scale staff augmentation and overhead sitting behind their delivery model, Accelerated Talent differentiates with low overheads and employment framework providing immediate value considerably less than global consulting houses.

With the acquisition, Future Leadership clients will gain access to short-term tiger teams able to force-multiply project delivery and keep up with a dynamic operating environment. The try-before-you-buy model allows clients to switch the talent tap on or off as needed, with zero opportunity cost compared to traditional hiring,

“We are thrilled to announce the acquisition of Accelerated Talent,” said Michelle Loader, Managing Director of Future Leadership. “This strategic move accelerates our commitment to delivering exceptional value to ensure our clients are future-ready. By integrating the unique strengths and capabilities of Accelerated Talent into our organisation, we are confident in our ability to further innovate and lead the people solutions industry forward.”

Gig Executive is committed to maintaining and strengthening relationships with existing clients, consultants, and partners of Accelerated Talent. The acquisition will further empower Accelerated Talent’s clients by providing them with access to a broader range of solutions, resources, and support.

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