Liz Anderson - Future Leadership

Liz Anderson

Executive Assistant to the Managing Director

Liz Anderson is an experienced C-level Executive Assistant, sought after for her ability to think ahead of the challenge and outside the square. As well as daily executive enablement expertise Liz brings with her a wealth of broader capability including events curation, project management, culture and engagement expertise and data and analytics reporting. Liz has long combined corporate facilitation of large teams with charity endeavours including the Children’s Cancer Foundation, the Million Dollar Lunch and the Koala Kids Foundation.

Liz aligns strongly with the foundations and purpose of Fisher Leadership given her strong profile of volunteer work in social impacting charities. She supports the team with her ability to build strong relationships with colleagues and clients. As well as maintaining composure and clarity in stressful situations. Liz’s proactive attitude and willingness to assist in all areas as required injects energy and warmth into the collective.

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