Mark Lelliott - Future Leadership

Mark Lelliott

Managing Partner

Mark Lelliott has over 30 years of executive search experience across a wide range of enterprises with global organisations, including public and private sector companies, ranging from ASX Top 50 and Fortune 500, to early stage/post IPO businesses, service providers and professional services firms. Over the last 20 years, he has focused on the development and application of a leadership and management assessment approach, which focuses on objectivity, consistency and sustainability in evaluating, recruiting and developing organisational leaders for the global market.

Having founded a number of highly successful search and leadership advisory enterprises and practices in the global market, Mark understands the importance of empowering organisations to build teams with the right leadership and management skills to deliver the company’s strategic goals and outcomes.

Mark is an active promoter of greater engagement between business and the arts through his involvement with the Australia Business Arts Foundation and has been Trustee of the Australian Centre for the Moving Image Foundation. He holds business qualifications from Monash and Stanford Universities.

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