COVID19 Operational Response - Future Leadership

Case Study: Interim Director​COVID19 Operational Response at a metropolitan community health organisation


The COO of a Community Health Organisation urgently required a clinical leader  to support her already over-stretched team across 6 clinics and 10 mobile testing sites.  With increased demands from the DHHS and testing and case numbers increasing daily, they required an executive that could commence immediately, that could navigate a changing operational landscape, support the team and respond efficiently to increasing departmental obligations. 


A new short- term role was created  to meet these requirements.

The Gig Executive placed was identified as an ideal fit for the role because of her demonstrated experience in building environments and systems that create a seamless customer experience within heath frameworks. Having held previous roles such as Executive Director Acute Health, Chief Nursing Officer and Director of Nursing, she brought the clinical expertise and governance required for this leadership position.


The Gig Executive Team was able to place the candidate 6 days after receiving the brief. The placed candidate has been able to make immediate impact by restructuring the team, driving efficiencies and adding extra leadership support to the broader team. 

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