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Diversity & Inclusion Policy

Diversity & Inclusion Policy

Fisher Leadership is committed to diversity and inclusion in its workplace. It is our policy to treat our team of employees and associates, as well as our community of clients, candidates, and suppliers (both current and prospective), fairly and equally regardless of their gender, race, age, family or carers responsibilities, sexual preference or other visible and invisible differences.  Fisher Leadership commits internally and externally to drive inclusion via both Social and Cognitive diversity for today and tomorrow.

Fisher Leadership will not tolerate discrimination, harassment, bullying or victimisation in its workplace.

Recruitment & Selection

Every person will be given a fair and equitable chance to compete for appointment, promotion, or transfer, and to pursue their career as effectively as others.

Employment decisions relating to appointment, promotion and career development will be determined according to individual merit, competence, and alignment to organisational values.

Career & Personal Development

Fisher Leadership supports growth and personal development for employees to develop their career and reach their full potential. Training and development opportunities will be based on performance and potential.

Flexible Work

Fisher Leadership is committed to providing flexible working arrangements; to provide flexibility in meeting business needs; and to assist team members in managing their work and personal responsibilities. In line with the policy we encourage team members to have mutual respect for timelines and schedules.

Culture of Sustainability

Fisher leadership is focused on creating a sustainable and inclusive workplace for our team of employees and associates and the community within which we operate. This includes the physical and mental health and wellbeing of people, a clear code of conduct and a culture of mutual respect.

This policy is in conjunction with the Discrimination, Harassment and Affirmative Action policies under the Equal Opportunity Act 2010.


At Fisher Leadership we believe partnership is the new leadership. We understand the value of strong communities and feel compelled and grateful to contribute proactively to the places where we live and work. We put back a significant amount of profit into community causes that align to our purpose of making a difference, and our sustainability goals for leaders around cognitive diversity, mental health and the future of work.

Some of our key partnerships are as follows:

  • Foundational support of the Diversity Council of Australia’s Diversity and Inclusion Network
  • Founding sponsorship of the Mandarin Careers Platform for the public sector
  • Sponsorship of Indigenous leader Cara Lee Cray to undertake an MBA at Deakin University
  • Partnership with RCH150 – the Royal Children’s Hospital 150-year celebration funding an Indigenous sculptor to transform the hospital with beautiful art [as shown right].
  • Sponsorship of the Future Work Summit shaping the human experience of work in decades to come
  • Partner with IPAA to curate the Senior Executive Women’s Network mentoring program as well as the International Women’s Day high profile Gala Dinner
  • Contribution to the Australian Institute of Company Directors via representation on the Education Committee.
  • Participation in Committee for Melbourne technology taskforce

Research and Advancement

Fisher Leadership is committed to further exploration around the importance of cognitive diversity and undertakes to research and create advancements for both the firm internally and the external market.  These advancements hope to see Fisher Leadership leading the way in future facing diversity and inclusion via Leadership solutions as the firm has historically via social diversity measures.

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Governance – Policy Development and Review

Policy Name:                    Diversity & Inclusion Policy

Policy Owner:                   Chief Finance & Technology Officer

Issue Date:                         June 2020

Last Revised Date:            17/06/2020

Next Review Date:            17/06/2022

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