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Does your leadership team desire more agile working solutions?

Gig Executive talent will unlock the opportunities you are able to offer your most valuable people.

Many individuals and companies are fast recognising that the benefits of a ‘Gap Year’ extend beyond university graduates when it comes to developing engaged, innovative and adaptable leaders at every level. Flexibility around work and employment arrangements is a business imperative in the contest to retain great talent at the executive and managerial levels.  

‘Life-leave’ and ‘Career Gap’ opportunities enable leadership development to be personalised, motivating and valuable to the company.

Industry leaders such as Accenture, PwC and EY, have created a precedent encouraging their mid and senior level team members to take additional leave or mini career breaks for travel, family and education. As we see these ‘life-giving’ businesses offer innovative leave programs and increased work flexibility, we also see the opportunity for innovative workforce planning to align to over-arching organisational strategy.

The Gig Executive – how to engage this alternative workforce?

Engaging Gig Executives to meet the requirements of an unexpected departure, an under-resourced project, a short-term initiative or to cover family and personal leave, can also be an opportunity engage our cohort of professionally assessed and immediately available professionals. Our accredited and highly qualified Gig Executive community offer adaptability and proven credibility to hit the ground running and fit into your team seamlessly. 

Tap into our interim talent – get in touch with Fisher Leadership’s Gig Executive team to draw from the very best alternative workforce solutions.

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