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Emergency Services – Strength in Flexing

Paula McCabe, Manager Client Development

What a year 2020 has been. And none have felt it more so than Australia and New Zealand’s Emergency Services sector.  MIND, the mental health charity has found that nearly 90% of emergency service staff have experienced stress, low mood and poor mental health at some point while working for the emergency services. The COVID-19 pandemic is only going to increase the stress of these frontline, essential workers.

How are you protecting your front-line workers?

Mental Health and Wellbeing:

Do you have leaders on your team well-trained to proactively protect the mental health of your workers? The affects of psychological wellbeing on staff significantly impacts their ability to function effectively while at work. It also affects the productivity of the emergency services while having a “ripple” effect on families. Cases of harassment and bullying of emergency service staff have also been reported as fairly common.

In our market research, we see that the second highest new skill for Emergency Service leaders is Mental Health. The need for this skill has increased 20% since this time last year. Research from the UK details staff shortages and retention issues in the NHS. The work of Misha Ketchell has also shown how the highest sickness absence rates in the NHS are dominated by the ambulance workforce.

At Fisher Leadership we have 20 years of experience placing great leaders for greater impact. Our Gig Executive business has grown in heightened demand during the coronavirus pandemic. With access to a ready-made pool of exceptional Emergency Services and Mental Health experts, our interim solution is so much more than a gap-filler. Here’s why companies are coming to us today:

Immediate solution – Lots of critical projects are coming into play, there is also the risk of absences.  We can place our Gig Executives into your organisation within days.

Expertise – Bulk up or support your leadership team by bringing the right skills to the table.  Often our Gig Execs are over-qualified for the roles enabling them immediate impact.

Workforce strategy – Free up senior leaders to concentrate on delivering an initiative, while a Gig Executive keeps their team operating.

Flexibility – Contracts can be part or full-time hours, paid on a daily rate or a % for as little as 3 months, allowing organisations scope to assess at the end to extend or employ.

Financial control – No one knows where the end is.  Short contracts allow a level of control to assess the viability and sustainability of decisions made in this changing environment. We’d like to help you look after the people who are looking after the people. Call us today for a Gig Executive specialising in Emergency Services leadership or Mental Health.

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