Foundation Director & Team​ - Future Leadership

Foundation Director and two Associate Directors​

The Brief

  • Support a University that has been a leader in complementary tertiary education since its foundation including in naturopathy.
  • ​The Centre delivers higher education and research, while strengthening engagement with the profession.​
  • A Foundation Director was sought, plus potential Associate Directors to lead this exciting new Centre.​
  • A strong academic track record was required, including success in obtaining competitive grant funding and a strong publication record.​
  • Superior academic leadership skills are essential to drive innovation and inspire excellence.​​

Solution Building​

  • In a field that is primarily practitioner-based, the Fisher Leadership team was challenged to find an outstanding leader with the academic gravitas required by the University.
  • Detailed research and mapping covered Professors and Associate Professors in prominent natural health and medical research groups and faculties with a successful track record of research and grant funding, with highly qualified candidates from international colleges also considered.
  • Our team reached out to individuals across these networks, engaging in dialogue to ascertain advice and recommendations of potential candidates, who were then encouraged to apply and were interviewed by Fisher Leadership consultants to evaluate their fit with the requirements and culture of the University.
  • An online advertising campaign supplemented the search. 

The Outcome​

  • There was positive feedback from the marketplace regarding the Centre, noting the small potential pool of academics with the required level of leadership.
  • A gender-balanced list of six candidates was presented for consideration for the Foundation Director role, with a further four candidates (three female, one male) interested in a second level appointment.  Candidates were based in Australia, the USA and Germany.
  • The successful candidate was appointed as Foundation Director, a  highly accomplished researcher with over 200 academic publications, who holds clinical qualifications in nursing and naturopathic medicine, plus postgraduate qualifications in public health, law and health economics.
  • Two shortlisted candidates were subsequently appointed as Deputy Director (Education), and Deputy Director (Research).

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