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Case Study: Human Resources Interim Leading Change at a High-Profile Independent School


“Thanks to the wise choice by my predecessor, and the expertise provide by Fisher Leadership, we were very fortunate to secure an Interim HR Manager for the school.

I find being the new Head in a school is a time of excitement, but also uncertainty and vulnerability as you manage the workload, learn the culture, work out how the School ticks and where the “informal” influences lie with regard to decision making and managing change. For the past nine months I have been very fortunate to work with the Candidate who has come to the school with excellent experience and knowledge and has set me up for success. ”

​Current Headmaster, ​
High-profile independent school. ​

The Challenge

The Headmaster of a high-profile Independent School was departing the organisation and with 6 months to go before his departure, the HR Director announced their resignation. Being such a pivotal role within the fabric of the school, the incumbent Headmaster felt that the new Headmaster should be given the opportunity to select his preferred candidate for the Human Resources management position. He felt that it was important for his replacement to review the HR department, and the way it functioned before placing a permanent candidate in the role. 

The Gig Executive team stepped in to support the departing Headmaster in finding a high performing Interim Human Resources Manager to lead the function for an initial  13-month period. 

Solution Building​

With tight timelines in place, the Gig executive team sourced the right person to fulfil this important bridging appointment. The Gig Executive placed is passionate about the education sector and had over 15 years’ experience working as an HR Director and HR consultant across government and private schools, providing him with a clear understanding of the complex way schools function within the independent sector.

The Outcome​

Working closely with the new Headmaster the Gig Executive contributed towards maintaining a highly transparent culture of trust and positive relationships engendering a strong sense of commitment from all employees. The Candidate knows the special culture of independent schools, what makes them tick and what are the sacred cows which smoothed the transition of leadership.

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