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Inventing a corporate ‘drone’ challenge!

Corporate Drone Challenge

Fisher Leadership and UAVISUALS™ have come together to create a revolutionary and exciting corporate drone challenge. The customisable designed team activity amplifies cross-functional innovation, courage in approaching new technology and communication under pressure. We designed the entire experience around our digital strategy and core business value. The best part? Our team had so much fun piloting the drone challenge (haha) that we have partnered with UAVISUALS to bring a bespoke drone challenge to your next offsite.

Fisher Leadership UAVISUALS corporate drone challenge

How did the drone-challenge come about?

Fisher Leadership reached out to UAVISUALS™ looking to design a corporate challenge that gave the team an opportunity to become more familiar with new technology. UAVISUALS tooke up the challenge and partnered to design a 120min activity for the team-building weekend. The task mirrored the core business objective – to search for talent in the ‘field’, but using drone technology!

“What a fantastic way to start our company Co-LAB! We jumped straight in to solving our day-to-day business challenge through the use of new technology – a perfect metaphor for our future-facing strategy.”-  Michelle Loader, MD Fisher Leadership

The task aimed to get the participants to work together as a team, use technology, communicate effectively, match a candidate with their proprietary database app and, of course, incorporate drones in a unique and exhilarating exercise!


Led by Melbourne based drone company, UAVISUALS™ and a team of experienced pilots the day was a huge success! Not only did everyone have the opportunity to get to know each other’s strengths, mindsets and behaviour patterns, but they also had a fantastic time!

“The drone challenge took everyone out of their comfort zone and focused the teams on optimising their output, using new technology. This activity has prepared us for the real-world augmentation journey we are embarking on” – Nikki May, Head of Creative, Fisher Leadership

The feedback from both Fisher Leadership executives & the participants was incredibly positive and set the scene for new ideas, new bonds and new technology to be woven through the rest of the strategy weekend.

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