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Who’s missing from your leadership table?

At Fisher Leadership, we’ve been connecting on-demand, executive talent with future-facing organisations for nearly a decade. What was traditionally called ‘interim’ and understood as ‘gap-filling’ is now a competitive solution bringing bringing critical skills to the table at pace. Our framework is ‘Right talent. Right table. Right time.’

We have the following Gig Executives ready to hit the ground running and fit seamlessly into your team for however long you need them.

Crisis and Risk Manager 


Daily rate | Available immediately

  • critical thinker and a keen eye for recognising emerging trends
  • delivers innovative solutions to complex problems
  • engages, negotiates and influences, including in times of discord
  • resilient and effective leader in times of crisis

Marketing and Comms Strategist Profile

Daily rate | Available immediately

  • crisis and reputation management
  • strategies to position and profile organisations
  • stakeholder management and community engagement
  • marketing campaign development

Influential Healthcare Advisor Profile

Daily rate | Available immediately

  • providing strategic health advice
  • provision of health care and health preparedness
  • senior medical administration and management
  • maximising health and wellbeing outcomes

Strategic Facilitator, Organisation Review & Workforce Solutions

  • delivering solutions to workforce challenges
  • workforce behaviour change and workforce transition
  • communication design and strategy
  • change strategy and development

Hear from a Gig Executive: Clair Schultz on assignment at DELWP

We are able to cover your leadership talent gaps whatever they may be. Our Executive ecosystem are proven experts in their fields who choose to work differently. Over nearly 20 years, we have curated an extensive book of talent. Let us know what your challenge is and we will support you with the best solution possible. Get in touch: pmccabe@fisherleadership.com

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