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The power of positive stories

COVID-19 silver linings…

As we flip the switch from surviving COVID-19 to reimagining a world of work in which we all thrive, we thought it would be a good idea to start gathering and sharing positive stories that result from our current circumstances. In order to do so, we need your help. So, if you know of any positive stories, we would love you to send them through.


We know we are hard-wired to make sense using narrative. So it becomes particularly important in times of uncertainty for leaders to utilise storytelling to build meaning for their people. Stories can provide a touch point for trust, build a bridge from the past to the future and unite teams to invest in a common purpose.

Your Stories

As you can see, the stories do not need to be long and can be from your own company, community or something you have heard. We are interested in the day-to-day moments that will be relatable and inspire hope. Something we all need right now and we work together to reimagine and build our future.

There are some stories that are already receiving global attention such as observing fish back in the canals of Venice or the 8pm applause rituals in cities to thank the health care workers. To expand on these examples, we want to create a platform to share everyday stories that people may never hear about.

We know you have a silver lining somewhere within the COVID cloud, so just send her through whenever you come across it …and keep them coming.


No, thank you.